iPaaS, Open Source

The bottom line is we have a way to connect your applications together, whether it’s API, CSV files, Web Services or your own interface. All managed and maintained by CloudMills so you can focus on managing your most important asset, your people.

CloudMills data integrated platform operates within a robust Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to ensure speed, security, quality and rapid implementation of services and integration.

Our architecture meets the needs from very large-scale complexity to the simplistic integration.

Using the five highly integrated service modules, the platform:

  1. Synchronizes, transforms, extracts, updates and adds data between applications
  2. Applies logic based on fixed or variable information, execute dynamic event scheduling, and generate alerts
  3. Manages governance between all data, users and applications
  4. Accesses and delivers data in multiple formats (Web Services, SFTP, HTML, spreadsheets, CSV, etc.)
  5. Offers a complete set of tools to manage the platform

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