300+ Women In HR Technology Worth Watching

Inspiration doesn’t happen without introspection, though, which is why I conduct these audits to try to pinpoint those moments, those ideas, those people (most of all, those people) who have inspired me the most. - William Tincup

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Don’t let your HR application hold your data hostage… #SetTheDataFree

SetTheDataFreeToo often you find yourself trapped. You know the data is there, it’s just inaccessible. Proprietary formats, mismatched data, or data compiled in spreadsheets hold you back from getting your job done.

The bottom line is we have a way to connect your applications together, whether it’s API, CSV files, Web Services or your own interface. All managed and maintained by CloudMills so you can focus on managing your most important asset, your people.

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Connections You May Need

We connect many applications together.

  • WorkDay
  • JobVite
  • CareerBuilder
  • Ultimate
  • ADP
  • MS

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Thought Leadership

What issues are you experiencing that we can solve?

You have made the investment in new HR technology now you need to ensure it connects to all your other applications, how do you do this quickly, securely and without getting IT resources involved?

Integrations have a great impact on your business, both good and bad. Integration experience is the key to success. Reducing the cost of ownership and improving the stickiness of your application benefits everyone in the organization.

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  • Are you a Solution Provider?
    Are you a Solution Provider?

    Integrate quickly with multiple applications

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  • Are you an Employer?
    Are you an Employer?

    Connect all your Applications together

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  • Easy to Work With
    Easy to Work With

    Take the pain out of your integration

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